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With my clients and partners,
I strategically shape and define
services and communication.

As consulting designer and conceptual modeller, I team up with aspiring enterprises, organizations and individuals, who want to truly improve or do even more: re-invent themselves.

My expertise lies in visual thinking, information architecture and ux design. As a dedicated generalist, I care about meaningful innovation, change by design and the transition of manufacturing brands towards service brands.

I am founding member of the Berlin-based visual communication and design research association → Plural.

Big plans, ideas, thoughts to share?

+49 30 20003684

Feel free to ask for your free copy of my »Work visually« brochure.

Kilian Krug → work and awards → lectures and workshops → Plural

My work is to make connections: To construct bridges, sometimes to build a ship. Always, I start with exploring and mapping.

Through structuring analysis, innovation workshops and creative work, we explore possibilities, model strategies, prototype services and define communication touchpoints.

•  Exploration, mapping and re-framing
•  Creative research, visual modelling and prototyping
•  Evaluation, strategic design and implementation

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User experience and usability: Medx Diagnostic Reasoning
From understanding the user's mental model to an outstanding interface.
→ UX Design Award→ »Landmark in the Land of Ideas«

Digital strategy: Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen
Vistors and users: Exploring research and communication for the museum of the future
(More soon)

Usability and interaction design: Solar module configurator
An interactive marketing and planning tool, producing CAD drawings and production specs.
→ iF Award→ Red Dot Award→ Good Design Award

Interactive storytelling: Everyday Rebellion documentary
Exploring digital documentary formats and surpassing the impact of a movie.
→ Civis Media Prize 2014→ B3 Biennale Award for best transmedia project

Interactive data visualization: The Interactive Research Table
Using information design models to take archives ›from storage to stories‹.
→ iF Gold Award

Analysis and system design: Signage for Technische Universität Berlin
Reducing intelligently to make it simple – a bright wayfinding system for easy orientation.

References: Amnesty International, Bloks GmbH, Blueprint Engineering, BMW AG, City Leipzig, Deutsche Energieagentur, Deutsche Telekom AG, dpa Infografik, Ecologic Institute, Freie Universität Berlin, Gemeinschaftswerk der evangelischen Publizistik, Golden Girls Filmproduktion, Group M, Hertie School of Governance, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Institut Design2context, Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Kloos & Co Medien, KPMG AG, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Lead Awards, Manifesto Film, Max-Planck-Intitut für internationales Recht, Medx GmbH, Museumsinsel Berlin, Museumsufer Frankfurt, Museum Wiesbaden, Odersun AG, Technische Universität Berlin

For more details and the broader context:

+49 30 20003684

Kilian Krug → work and awards → lectures and workshops → Plural

To any lecture exceeding 20 minutes,
I prefer a hands-on workshop.

→ CEU Summer University → Central European University
Summer school »The City Uploaded«, creative documentary workshop with Vlad Naumescu, Prof. William Uriccho of the MIT Open Documentary Lab, et. al., Budapest 2015

User-centered design symposium of → VDI/VDE and → BerlinPartner
Lecture »Mental models and visual thinking«, representing the
International Design Center’s Usability Award, Berlin 2015

→ Max Planck Institute for International Law
Workshop on research visualisation and poster presentation with Dr. Pamela Luckau and Prof. Severin Wucher, Heidelberg 2015

→ East Dok Film Festival/Institute of Documetary Film
Tutoring and Lecture »Interactive storytelling«, Prague 2015

→ Cultural Innovation Days
Lecture on the future of documentaries, Berlin 2015

→ World Usability Day
Lecture »Mental models and diagnostic reasoning« with Prof. Severin Wucher, Berlin 2014

→ Bentley Library → University of Michigan
Lecture »Visual access to archives« at the »Visual Culture and Archives« symposium, Ann Arbor 2013

→ iF Design Awards
Member of the product interfaces jury, Hannover 2013

→ dpa infografik
Workshop »Information design for journalists«, Berlin 2011

→ Class of information design → University of the Arts Berlin
Lecturer, 2007, 2010–2011

→ Faculty of business communication → HTW Berlin
Lecturer, 2010

Let’s talk about what we could achieve together.

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Postal address:
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